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May 10, 2011


Ellie A.

Oh have to love kids honesty lol.. This page will be a good little memory for when she gets older! Love it!


I liked all of the pages but yours was a real slice of life! I like the idea of remembering what the kids were watching. They would be horrified to see a page showing their love of Dora!


Can't wait for my Studio AE delivery -- Thank you for the inspiration!!


I love the layout... and I love the picture... and I love the story! :)


Love your daughter's reaction to the prince - definitely NOT the perspective offered on TV! LOL!
I like how you approached this from daughter's perspective!


great page and great picture to go with it!

nichol magouirk

what an incredible photo and perfect page to go with it! Love this idea!


Great page. Those papers are perfect for the theme and the text is priceless!


So sweet and cute. Funny how we all look at things differently! Thanks.

Carol M.

Another wonderful layout using this month's stamp set!! It really was a great wedding!


love this. i need to do something like this page. thanks for the inspiration.


What a great layout, I love that you captured that. I used to do a world events type scrapbook & I really need to get back into documenting that type of stuff.


I LOVE how you captured this memory for your daughter! AWESOME! And such a great layout!


Oh my goodness so love this page!!!! What a memory to share with your daughter. I remember watching Diana's with my Mom at 6. Beautiful Page!!!!

Lillian Child

What a delightful layout! Great idea for a fabulous memory!

Elizabeth H.

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Laura BC

Great conversation. Thanks forth idea of stealing words from other places.


Cute story :) Also a great way to capture the news!!


Bald is good, Hair is good Makes for a real fairytale. Love Ali's stamps

wendy sue

What a great idea - love how you recorded this little moment in time! :o)

Auntie Barb

As always, your work is delightful. Love your creativity, but your journalling is always the frosting on the cake.


I love the pattern paper, your layout and capturing a slice of your daughter's life.

Mary R

her comments crack me up - typical.....I bet Kate didn't care that he was bald, lol.

gorgeous use of Ali's stamps : )

Kathy R

Every month I say I need to sign up to get these stamps...I've loved all of them so far! Great layout..i love recording what my grandkids say too.

Teresa G

What a fun page and memory. The journaling is the best.


cute idea! i love that you journaled about the wedding...

Deb Pereira

Love that you captured the EVENT!


love that layout and the stamps!

Melissa R.

Love the journaling...what the kids say is about as real as it gets. And this stamp set is all about real life!! :) Thanks for sharing!


Love how you blogged about the Royal Wedding.


I really like your page. Thanks for the chance to win.

Terri Marchbanks

Great Page Great Idea Great Stamps...


Such a cute page!!

Lori O.

What a great story and use of the stamps! Well done :)

Shirl (kkrewtea)

Great story!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win!


Haha, that's too cute! Love the page!

Rita Timmons

Great Page! love the colors...

Kimberli Sarsfield

I love this layout for so many reasons! Love the stamp set, love the gorgeous colors and patterns, and LOVE the royal wedding!


lol that crack me up! love the layout!
thanks for sharing!

michelesscrapycreations35 at yahoo dot com


I like the way you scrapped a real life happening! thanks for sharing!


That is such a lovely page - what a fabulous way to help your daughter remember!!

Marla H.

A very nice layout. Love the journaling -what a great memory!!


Lovely journaling! I loved hearing everything my little guy had to say about the wedding while we were watching... almost wish I had recorded his commentary!


how very current! awesome.

angie blom

fantastic way to remember this moment.. I love this layout. Great selection of stamps!!

sharon gullikson

How funny. It's a good way to remember the wedding...

B. Poteraj

Nice job. And your dress was pretty. Oh that wasn't you? ha ha ha. Very pretty.

Natasha G. P.

Very pretty layout. I like the journaling....


I am so blown away by this gorgeous layout. How sweet this layout and story will be 20 and 50 years from now. You did a beautiful job with the photo and the rest of the layout. I get up early every day so I did watch it and teared up a little and watched it with my kids while getting ready for school. Love love this.

Sue D

Great idea for a layout!

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