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July 13, 2011


Liz Pietila

Awww Sharyn... What a wonderful ending to what was sort of a sad story:) I am so glad you guys got Tippy and my mom will love the story too:) Do you mind if I copy and paste your note so I can send it to her? Or I could just forward the link to her. She will probably cry. She used to ask to go visit Tippy when they came here. Now, we can still do that:) Enjoy her and I am sure your boys are grinning. Every boy needs a dog!! Have a great trip up north, Sharyn, and thanks for all of the laughs yesterday ~ Liz


Oh my goodness -- you did it. As my mother always said "Don't come crying to me".
Seriously though -- I know your kids are delighted -- I hope they don't mind leaving to come and visit me. He looks like a great dog for Mark and Brian!

Deb Wisker

ok, you made me cry! you did a good thing Torm!! I hope all of you have wonderful, fun filled days with her!


awwwwwwww. so sweet. you're an awesome mom Sharyn. now i can't let my girls be seeing this.....spidergirl wants a dog in the worst way, but they make her really sick. :(


What a wonderful thing to do! We rescued our dog (who is part Border Collie) almost 3 years ago and I was always the one who was VERY hesitant to ever get one. Well, I can't imagine our house and family without him. You will seriously LOVE having Tippy around. : ) Good for you... and I wonder if Wendy will want to cut her vacation short now? LOL


I love a happy ending :)

sue Treiber

Yeah! I'm so glad you did it!!!!


Yes, I am so happy for you and your family. You will love having a border collie. We have an Australian Sheppard, the breeds are very similar. Tippy is going to love having your big family around her. Congrats I look forward to reading all of the stories you share about Tippy!

Tonya Maki

Told my kids that everything happens for a reason and we have to have faith..and look what happened! We have enjoyed Tippy for 10 years and now its your turn with her! Our kids are getting older and busier and your boys are just right for her. All she needs is love and it looks like she will have all she can take! Thanks for getting her! Tonya


that will make that girl want to come home!! how sweet of you to give an old girl a new life.


We love our border collie mix, though he is a bit more lively as he's only a year old. He is so loveable and he always looks like he has a smile on his face!
Looks like Tippy has the same "smile!" Have fun with your dog.

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