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July 20, 2011



I think Allan's owling posture looks pretty wonderful. Way better than some of the ones I've seen. (I think we must hang out at the same sites or something! :) )

Also...we're leaving on Tuesday. Let me know if you'd like together before that...I'd love to see you!

Dale Anne Potter

Safe travels & I am making a note to make you a Cool Tie, which goes around your neck & helps to keep you cool.
One day I might meet you in Upper Mich.....as we go that way to get to Ontario faster than going around Lake Superior in Canada.
ENJOY your time there!


Sharyn, I love your blog. But you know that. I love the everydayness of it. The backyard pics, the walks to school, the events around town...


Hmmm... I think I've been reading on and off (mostly on) since you started this blog. I don't always read b/c if I start visiting blogs AND facebook I'll never get anything done around here!
I enjoy your posts and often get a good laugh at your funny stories of everyday life. :)

carol in seattle :)

Hmmm....I started reading when/before you got pregnant last. I remember you talking about the five year plan and how it wasn't quite time yet. What do I love on your blog? Everything! You never fail to crack me up. I have kids nearish yours (boy 19, girl 11, boy 9, boy 7), so I already feel like we have a lot in common. I wish you were my neighbor!

Dorothy Ruohonen

Started reading your blog within the last year or so and I can relate to much of it. It usually brings a chuckle. You've got a very creative flair.

Angela Cardas-Meredith

Hmmm... How long *have* I been reading? Four years? I think I remember you pregnant with Brian... I love reading about the kids, and watching them grow up... Can't believe Allen is driving!! lol I love everything - keep it up. :)


I'm not sure how long I've been reading your blog. Your stores of your trips up north are what caught my attention. My husband and I graduated from Tech and I enjoy seeing your pictures of "home".


I'm one of those google reader followers. I just love reading about your wonderful family and enjoy any projects you post, always a fun read no matter what you blog that day. Thanks so much and have a safe trip.


I've been here since the beginning, it's always one of my favorites to check.

Julie M.

I started reading this even before I had a blog. Too lazy to look how long that's been. Your s-i-l that's around my age told me how funny you are so I figured I'd take a peek. It's such a neat read- whether you're blogging about your Sunday (Bruno Mars? You rock!) or other adventures. I'm always uplifted by your positive energy, honesty, and hilarity. You should be an author. In the meantime, keep 'em coming!

Danielle G

Hi, I just started reading your blog within the last month - you were tagged on another person's blog (maybe a Technique Tuesday hop or Becky Higgins??? I don't remember...). I like checking in and think your posts are quite entertaining. I like how you blog about other material besides just crafts. And, tonight over dinner, I told my husband about your debt-free idea. Very compelling...


Have a fantastic trip North! I hope it gets cooler on the way up. Been reading her every day for 2 years and would miss a minute of it!

Jersey Girl Anne

I love your blog and I think I started reading it when I saw your name as a guest on Jenn Bowlins site. But I kept reading it because of your real life stories and how you are so honest about your life. I have visited Manistee, MI several times where friends live and I have a cousin who also lives in MI. keep up the great blog. I would love to see more of your scrapbooking pages and one more thing... does your husband ever make Santas or Old St Nick's from the golf balls? Have a wonderful trip up North!


I've been reading for about 2 or 3 years...ever since our mutual tall blonde friend added you to her blog list:) But I have to tell you I heard about your entertaining blog well before I read it. My MIL's sister would, and this is no lie, read your posts to my MIL over the phone as my MIL did not yet have internet! So hats off to you for being such a creative, funny and inspiring person. I love how down to earth you are and how simple of a life you lead:)


I'm here reading... :)
That's a bit of a strange comments about comments..my blog serves as a place to record memories and photos, I'm not stopping even if I don't get many comments, I know who are reading ;)

And I have no idea how long I've been around.. loooooong. :D

Lisa A.

I've been stopping by now and then for two or three years. I was excited to find you while doing a Google search for a mutual friend...And of course we were friends starting long ago, so it was even better!

Janet K

I'm been reading your blog for several years now and totally love it! I was born and raised in the UP and am Scandanavian myself so I can identify with you. Please don't ever stop sharing with us!

Linda J

Safe travels Sharyn - have a wonderful vaction! I have been reading your blog from the beginning, and enjoy the varitey of subjects and photos .. all parts. :)


I've been here since the beginning but you know that. ;) Google reader has stopped comments on my blog, too, but it's all good. In the end, my blog is a journal of our life so I don't worry about the comments. And since I read blogs in Google reader, too, I can't complain. Lol! Safe travels!!!


Don't know how long I've been reading your blog, maybe 2 years. And I'm not sure how I found your blog but I'm glad I did. I enjoy reading about your family, your town & love your humor. Have a safe trip!


Safe travels! I've been reading for a long, long time, at least since the Torm/Lemonade Stand teasing days back in the Pub. Have a fun trip!


I think I have been reading your blog for over a year but it is my all time favorite and the one I click on first everyday! You have the best sense of humor and the most creative writing style that just draws me in. You can make the most mundane chore or happening interesting. I would give anything to have your gift!!! I truly appreciate you sharing and allowing me and your readers into your world via your blog. And, although time doesn't permit me to respond to every post, your time and effort is most appreciated. Oh, and it would be very hard to pin down a favorite post but my favorites are just about you and your family. Enjoy your trip!


Enjoy your trip! I really don't recall when I started reading your blog (a while ago...). The lightheartedness is what brings me back. You make me smile on a regular basis.


I've noticed that commenting is way down on my blog too...but I figured it was summer (or I've become super boring). I've been reading your blog at least since you were pregnant with Brian. Can that be right? You are one of the very first blogs I started reading anyway. I've been reading your blog so long that occasionally I'll have a strange dream and you are in it. This virtual world we've created for ourselves is kind of weird, and I totally love it. My favorite blog post? Hmmmm. When you started your quilts for the boys it totally spurred me on to start quilting again. Mostly I just like hearing about your everyday because it's not so different from my everyday...kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, frustrating cars, overworked husbands, fun photography, good laughs with friends...and you have such a good attitude about it all. I often feel that we are kindred spirits of a sort. So keep on bloggin' Torm! I need it.


I've been reading since before you were preggers with #4! I found you through Two Pea's. I am also a Michigander, so we have a connection, LOL. Enjoy your trip and safe travels to you!!

JoAnn H.

Have a great trip and enjoy the U.P. I <3 it!

JoAnn H.
the northern Mrs. H. LOL

Sue W.

Have a safe trip, Sharyn, and keep up the blogging. You're usually my first smile of the day, whether it's about crafts, kids or any other issues.


Have a safe trip. I've been following for two years...I look forward to photos!

Stacy D

Mornin' Sharyn!
I have been following your blog since you posted the link on the Zone forum with a comment something along the lines of "I blog every day...check mine out". I think that was about 4 years ago? :) Love your humor and your take on the everyday - especially your input on the local festivals and stuff, since we've started venturing to your neck of the woods to see them too. I use Google reader and check you just about every morning. Have a fabulous and safe trip!!

Lori A

Safe travels Sharyn! I've been reading your blog for several years. I always enjoy the stories about your family and the photos that you share.

Kris J

Hope you have an awesome trip Sharyn! I've been reading every day for about three years I think - you are my first read every day. I love your humor, the way you interact with your children, and your creativity. I don't think i can pick a fav topic - I love them all...love to see your photos too!


I've been reading three ish years :) I came across your site due to scrapbooking and have just kept reading. It is enjoyable to me to read the lists and the stories and see the scrapbooking pages.

Heather B.

I don't quite get the attraction of planking, but owling? That's pretty funny!

Simply Dawn

I started reading a little over a year ago! I fell in love! I miss getting to work with you on a creative team, but am thankful that I can keep up with you out here! I have always wanted to see Michigan and hope that someday I will...you know I will be hoping for a visit and to meet George! I know that's a family thing to do, but it is one of those things I would like to do before I die!
Happy travels!
Lovies, DJ

Amanda J.

Have lots of fun! I've been without internet for about a month and have really missed your blog posts. I caught up on about 20 over last night and this morning. My baby is crying so it's time for a break from the computer! Have a safe trip!

Auntie Barb

Love your "reality" show. It parallels my own life (earlier yrs). I often think of how valuable this all is to your kids (some day). Not at all like Auntie Irma's endless diaries... of what kind of dressing she & Tommy put on their salad.


Been reading from TwoPeas for a long time when I found out you were also in MI (I have since moved). I just love and appreciate your sense of humor. Have safe, fun travels!


Been reading a few years at least. Safe travels on this super hot day. Sending cool thoughts your way.

Amy L

Found your blog about 5ish years ago and have been a steady reader for that long! Maybe a few off months with no internet at home. I enjoy your unapologetic way of being who you are and living the way you do.

kim miller

You're the first place I stop each morning. :) I've been reading your blog for 2-3 years now. LOVE your blog!!!

sue Treiber

Owling? I thought planking was weird.
You know how long I've been around. And will continue to be around.


Planking I've heard of, but not owling! Is it like sending a howler in Harry Potter?! lol

I can't remember when I started reading your blog, at least 3 years ago I think. Found it via the pub on two peas I guess.

I wouldn't say I have any one favorite post or topic. I just love reading about your family and see what you all are up to! I also like that you're in the midwest too. I live in central Wisconsin.

Hope you have a great vacation!!

Bev Wilding

I have been reading your blog since about the time your little one had the fracture.

I hope you have an awesome trip! I myself am headed to San Francisco for a four day weekend.

Stay cool!


Post a pic of something quintessentially UP and have a fabulous, refreshing time after your long, hot air-conditioningless trip up! I've been reading for 4 years or so. :)

Kathy R


I've been reading your blog for over a year. Found it thru the Jenni Bowlin Blog. Have to say I enjoy the variety in your posts. Love scrapbooking and stamping but enjoy the bits about the kids, your husbands art and your daily life. I admire your debt free goal..in fact in about 9 months our mortgage will be paid off and we will be totally debt free ;)! Enjoy your trip north.


I read every day...I saw a "like button" on a blog. That way we could just click when we are busy, you would know we were here. It takes a lot of time to comment


I've been reading your blog for over 2 years, and I love the everyday stuff! Hope you have a safe trip.

Erica Hettwer

I love your everyday posts. They remind me of things that I need to record in our life.


I got to your blog via Able Mabel a couple years ago and have kept coming back because you're so normal. (Don't snort your coffee! I truly mean that.) I'm a spinster that loves kids and reading about your family is just plain entertaining. Photography is a mystery to me but I recognize talent when I see it - you have talent. I'm not a scrapbooker but get inspired by your layouts and cards ... and I make an occasional card when the mood strikes. So... thanks for sharing bits of your life and art.

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