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August 22, 2011



Please keep sharing!! They get better and better. My absolute favorite here is the 3rd one up of the boys on bikes around the balloons.


I'll never get tired of your balloon chasing photos!


You could share balloon photos everyday for a year and I would still be fascinated!

Auntie Barb

You can keep it up. Each time, I gaze with amaze. Never thought to be interested in this, but the photos are getting to me...not to ride, you understand..just would be fun to "be there" someday

jennifer camplin

Nope... love it when you post more and more pictures of hot air balloons. :)

Amanda J.

I'm not tired of them! They are beautiful :). I love the picture of the anniversary couple. And the one with the balloon flying in front of the sun. Gorgeous!


never tired of them...they are awesome!! On my bucket list some day is to go to new Mexico for the balloon festival....one day...

Rene W

Keep 'em coming...they are gorgeous! Make sure Pa sees this post so he gets the hint about a great anniversary gift idea for you. Beats a Blizzard any day.

Anna Beth

I'm not tired at all! I am doing a ballon themed classroom this year in my first grade class. I love looking at yours. I would love, with your permission of course, to print some off that show how they are blown up and get off the ground! I think the kids would love it!

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I would still be fascinated!..the picture of the anniversary couple. And the one with the balloon flying in front of the sun. Gorgeous!

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