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August 26, 2011


Rene W

Wow, what a great post, Sharyn. I need to rethink things. I say no when the kids want to hang stuff...except on their bulletin boards. Me thinks I need to loosen up.
P.S. Love the globes! I was wondering what you were going to do with those garage sale treasures.

Emily Pietila

My daughter would love a room like this! Where did you get that desk? I'm looking for one like that for her.
Emily P

Renee Wesa

Yay to Wendy and mom for a great theory on girl rooms! Life is for living! :)

Christine K.

I share your philosophy on their bedroom being their own space. I have daughters that moved the furniture in their bedrooms all the time. I just feel sorry for their husbands now when they never know where to find the bed:)




I adore that you are allowing her to have freedom in her own space. I aim to allow both my kids to have that same freedom in their rooms- For as free spirited that I am in my career and life, I am sort of anal about my house. I like things neat and in their place, especially at the end of the night. As the kids have gotten older, Caden especially is taking more of an interest in how and what goes into his room. I had to clam up when mike let him plaster a few Cars 2 posters on his walls.

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