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February 10, 2012



I love this. It's simply stated but heavily documented. GREAT.


Love how you used the stamp.


I know I should comment on the page, but, I have to say, I love that you make up stories to tell your kids...how wonderful is that! page is awesome, great inspiration. Thank you


Tiffany M.

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Carol M.

This is just wonderful!! I love seeing how this stamp set is used in so many ways!! Mostly I love your story & the telling of it!!!

ana roat

I want to hear the other story mom...!

Really clever way of using extra pictures--made for a really cool layout!

Thanks for the share and chance!

Jane S

Great versatile set. Jane S

Margaret K

Such a great page and I love the story. Also great stamp by Ali.


Love your page! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing. The story is always the most important.

Miriam Prantner

These stamps are just so well suited to scrapbooking. Thanks!


Awesome layout! Love how you used the stamps and the focus on the journaling!

sandra m.

Great story! I also like how you colored in the sentiment frame.

Rosslyn Weigelt

Very classic layout that will be treasured for a really long time! Love that you told the entire story and the bits and pieces that make the memory special! Great page!

Jennifer Smith-Sloane

I am loving this! You did a great job documenting a story to remember.


What a terrific page you creatied.

Ruth G

Fun! Thanks for sharing your story and your tips about 'photos without a page' - great idea!!!!! I was relieved to not see a picture of your boys in the bathtub (and they'll be relieved, too, as years pass!) LOL!

Nikki M

What an amazing page!


love the look of the stamp when colored it!


Great idea with the photo to pair with a story.


Love these and I must Get them!!!


Love those layouts with a handwritten story's. Your story is very funny by the way :-)

Jill in Frisco

This makes me smile!!

Kathy R

Love your story and how the layout shows the wonderful relationship you have with your children. In our family bathtime was for singing, real songs and made up ones. The kids are grown but they still remember the silly songs.


love this!


Nicely done, Sharyn!
Nicely done! :)

Julie Slaikjer

What a sweet layout! I love how you included the entire conversation!


how adorable this layout is! perfect idea to store random shots that doesn't has a story to it. I have quite a few of them.

ruth tacoma

Love how you used the stamp in your layout!!!


such a great page & i really love ali's stamps...so versatile!


great layout.

Scrappin Annie

Great page and I love the story behind making the page. Great idea to keep random photos.


Thanks for sharing a great story - fun way to use the stamp set!

Scrappin Annie

I just wanted to ask you Sharyn - how do you use two colours on your stamps? Do you paint the ink on or use special pens? Thanks


Thanks for sharing your great page and story! Like the poster before me, I wondered imediately how you stamped the two colors! Thanks!!


Love your page & the story about it-what a great way to use those random photos we all have!

Rebecca W

Lovely layout- I love the way you did sucha long journaling with handwriting.

Sue D

Great stamps for your wonderful layout!

Mary in IL

love the stamp and the story

Karen Moore

Your layout is so beautiful and so is your little boy! I love everything that you did! I'm signing up to follow you because your style is awesome! So are the stamps!

Sandy R. MN

Love the LO. I use those pens to and really love them:)
Sandy R. MN

Jackie L

love how you used the stamp as your page title. great story too! thank you for sharing.

Deborah R.

That was a neat idea to add the colored border. Looks like a different stamp! Love how you make up stories for your kids!


great LO! love all the journaling.

Bethany Becker

I love the use of the different papers and that you write your journaling. Gives the page a personal feel.

Marla H.

Great job with all the handwritten journaling I have trouble finding the words to tell the story!!!

Penny Arnold

This is a great layout! I wish my handwriting was as nice as yours! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com


Great layout, thanks so much for sharing! The stamps really are terrific!

Shari P

Very cute story - thanks for sharing!!

Cheryl S.

What a wonderful way to document this story. Great job with this layout.

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