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March 06, 2012


Jennie M

love those pages!



Julie Weis

ok, no smack talk from me. very cool what you've done so far. especially finding that phrase and highlighting it! but i'm still thinking... dang that's going to be a lot of CB points! ;)


I did Jake's sixth year scrapbook like this. It is one of my favorite books I've ever done! It's fun and very mentally invigorating to challenge yourself to write a story in six words :).


oh my goodness your brilliant girl!!!!!! this is so cool and awesome!!!!!! i LOVE it to tiny pieces!!!!!! i must do it very soon!!!!!!


Love this.

Kathy R

Love your book. Have a question though. I'm taking a class at Studio Calico using an old book as an album. They are tearing pages out, then sewing several pages together (those are the ones you decorate). This keeps the book from getting too thick. Are you removing pages too?

Ellie A.

Super Duper awesome! I just painted my book (Doing Maggie's class over at SC) I finally figured out what I am going to do and love the start of yours :)


That is an awesome project!! I love the colors you are using!


what a cool concept -- 6 words or less. love seeing your progress with maggie's class.


Love those stamped circles. Very cool.

Tara LeClaire

This looks awesome!

Mary Jo

Very, very cool!! :)

marianne b

Holy Moley! That is the coolest thing ever! I may have to copy it----that's six words, right? Although I am a fellow Calvinballer and mightly jealous of your progress, I bow down to your artsy-ness.

Natalie Elphinstone

Wowsers! 19 points already. I'm so far behind!!!
But my goodness, I am just loving this project you've got going. FAB-U-LOUS!!
Love the idea of the 6-word memoirs, although I think I'd have such a tough time sticking to it. Can't wait to see more :-)


Love it. I really love the color of the book pages.


This idea = AWESOME! I've done layouts inspired by the 6 word memoir but a whole album is genius!


love, love! I also want to know what you do with extra pages...I tear out, glue together, haven't tried sewing.


I love the idea of 6 words! haven't heard of this before. Your book is wonderful!

betsy sammarco

oh this is sooooooo cool!


This is so cool! Can't wait to see some more pages!


Hey Torm! Thanks for linking this up to the Cure for the Winter Blues Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

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