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April 24, 2012



It's a theraputic way of dealing w/ stress, hey?:) Joking aside- You have all been in my thoughts and prayers lately. How nice that Mom has been able to come.


I can't WAIT for you to get a new vehicle.


I could laugh up to a certain point.
Probably the "right next to the muffler" spot. Then I lost the laugh and moved to a gasp.
Glad you're all safe and sound.
You definately deserve a new van. :)

julie L

you can use dens car if you want.. its sitting in the driveway

Cuzin Karen

I'm right there with you cousin. I learned years ago to just laugh with it.. Laughter/A Merry heart, doeth good like a medicine.. I have to medicate myself a lot. So glad you are ready for that new Van.. I can't wait to see you tooling along this summer air conditioner and radio blasting..

Deb Wisker

My mom always said, if I don't laugh about it I'll cry!
Congrats on the new van. Put up some pics when you can! And maybe you guys could take a road trip east and explore NY's Historic Hudson Valley with me next summer!

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