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July 10, 2012


lisa hampton

i love seeing ledger paper in projects how fun! Thanks for the chance to win!


Someone is definitely happy! Love your choice of paper.

Kathy R

Great layout. You can tell he's happy to be out of school! Great stamp set this month.

Jenny A

I love the stamp on the mini file folder!

Stacy Buller

So much fun! I love the simplicity of the page elements. The hexagon path down the page is adorable and lets the photos shine for what they are...a teenage with a big smile on his face! Thanks for sharing.


Like the way you used the hexagons, and I just love that stamp set for summer!!

Queen Mary

OK, my favorite layout so far -- because you have journaling in your own handwriting! the AE- stamps are great compliments, but there's nothing like the real thing!

Ellie A.

I had to giggle because I have a picture of my youngest son jumping up and down on the last day of school. LOVE this layout!

Lisa aka Myran

Love this fun layout! Great pictures and the mix between stamping and your own handwriting :)

Miriam Prantner

What a great moment to capture! I can still remember that feeling....unfortunately I'm no longer a kid. Working people don't get the summer off...

Marcia Scantlin

Those phrase stamps really set the page off.


Such a great LO. Think your use of the stamps simply ROCKS. And the deceptive simplicity of the design is very effective.

Susan R

10th grade was super tough for my daughter and I can certainly relate to this layout! Makes me realize how glad I am to have this last school year over with also! Here's to a better year ahead!


We are also so glad to finally be done with school-I love it when my kids have a chance to just relax and not stress about homework and tests! thanks for sharing such a great layout!


I just love the 10th.
Love this page, Sharyn!

(And 13 hours of driving!!! Dang, sistah!)


Fun layout


I can feel that jump for joy in my heart! We can relate here, my daughter has Aspergers and it is often rough for her at school, but on the last day we are all smiles. Wishing you a wonderful summer, and your project with Ali's July stamps is one to treasure.

Jan C

How Fun! Very cool layout!


You captured the JOY!

Pam Bray

I love the summer stamps, they are just perfect. TFS pammejo1@yahoo.com

Mabel M

Love those hexagons!!! great and fun page!, thanks for the giveaway!!

Cathy Doerr

Love the ledger paper. Everyone had such differant takes using the same stamps. Awesome.


Great layout!

Jenny Kingham

What a fun layout!!! Love it!

Lisa Hildebrand

Great layout! I love the stamping on the folder.

Kelli W

he looks very happy!

Sam F

What a fun stamp set--it definitely evokes happiness, just like the pics in your layout!

Tiffany M

Love the little file folder that you stamped on! Love the story! THanks for sharing!


Thanks for the give-away.

Monique van Duren

Oh, I love how you used the hexagons!! Such a fun layout :o)


I didn't read the journaling -- I take it this was the very last day of school? Your son does look very, very happy that it's summer. :-)

Christy P

I love Ali's handwriting and these stamps are perfect for my pages, thank you!

Marsha F

Great layout! My son looked just like this on his last day of school!

Nina Chow

great layout, he does look so happy.

Marilyn Nimmo

Fabulous layout. Love capturing happiness.

sandi m

Such excitement. GREAT LO and AWESOME stamp set. Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia B.

You captured the perfect photos to remember his joy! These summery stamps work perfectly!


great LO, thanks for sharing! Hauskaa kesaa Tormasille!

Carol Mc

Love the fun layout. The phrases match perfectly.


Very impressive work!


looks like fun! I love summer!

Julie L

I can feel the excitement...it jumps right off of the page. Between your written word and the pics with the stamps to set them off...It is like I was there to see the occasion! And what a happy occasion it was. I didn't like 10th grade either. =)

Sue D

Perfect stamps for this fun layout.

Kim Tun Kyi

love the ledger paper and stamping on file folder...so cute


i love to see teen boy pages (i have 2 sons); always so much girly stuff out there. (not that i don't love that, but... ya know!)

Sandy R. MN

OH getting through the teen years... Love the excitement on his face. your LO is so great! Now where is the mailman!!!:)


Very cute layout thank you for sharing

Kris in Alaska

Yep, I remember that feeling too! Great layout... his face says it all!

Tanja S.

Lovely layout, great reason to scrap a page!

Jeannie L

lovely LO... Great photos.

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