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August 17, 2012



Wow! I'm impressed! It's like night and day, the before and after. Great choice. And the fabric? Worth the money. I love how your area can do double duty: work station/food area. Perfect.


Amazing. I bet you are really counting down till school now! I love the fabric and dresser. I think the pantry would still look good in grey. Can't wait to see.


Cute spot!


Fun -- it must feel good to get it this far! Love the new look.


Great transformation! I love how you use the vertical space in your room! BTW, I came over from Studio Calico.


jen t

what about some kind of scalloped thingy infront of your curtain rings?

i love the fabric. still.
and the paper cupboard.
and the red chest.
and if i was sitting across from this nook drinking coffee, i would just be staring at all the fun.


Looks fabulous! I really like that fabric and being a Finnbin I recognized it as marimekko. About the color of the pantry. Maybe a pale grey to get it started, but then perhaps incorporate the colors from your curtain in some sort of fancy pants artsy fartsy design. Or mimic the marimekko print in a modern art kind of way. If all else fails, pretend that your work area is a layout and ask yourself what you would do with that spot with paper. Or you could keep it simple and make it the same color as the top, add cork to the door fronts for kids art, snap shots, inspirational sayings, etc. Try, test, adjust. Have fun, whatever you do!


That looks good! I am always curious to see how other people handle the space issues in our neighborhood. Its always good to get ideas. I wouldnt worry about the curtain, I didnt notice it until you mentioned it. Let me know if you have a sale.


Wow. Looking' good! You sure don't need any help from me. Love the fabric.


Looks great!!! Love the bright colors in the fabrics. Love all the ideas. I'm soon going to have to give up my craft space in our extra bedroom.


I'd totally pull a color from the fabric for the paper cupboard.


Looking good! I would try to match the cabinets with the dresser so paint them red. Or if that's too much color (= too bright), paint the cabinets white. I like gray but I think there's several colors already in fairly small space: red from dresser, multicolored curtain, looks like wall color is yellow.. I think white would be my choice in this case.

The gap between doesn't bother me at all. The raw behind matches the countertop so I think it's okay.

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