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September 10, 2012


Marcia Scantlin

What a lovely look and the newsprint was a great backdrop. I never would have thought of that. It just sets your leaves and title off.

sandra m.

I love those leaves whimsically falling on the page! So cute.

Annette Allen

wow totally fabulous layout...love those leafs...very creative and fun..

Darla Maple

Love the sewing and the leaves - neat idea.


I LOVE the way you stitched the leaves on this! Fabulous!


Wow! I love it! Your random sewing and shoving leaves is fabulous. Mind if I "borrow" your idea for a bulletin board backdrop?

Margie Visnick

This is just beautiful! I love the stamped and stitched leaves on the book print background! Pinning!


I love it--I just used my sewing machine to add stitching for the first time last week. I have loved the look on other layouts but had just never tried it on my own. I really like the way you sketched the line on your paper and then sewed the as you went. I know I will be "borrowing" this idea soon!

Laina Millson

Your patience is unreal! Love the tiny leaves! :)


Beautiful!!! Love how you used the stamp set!!!


Your layout looks beautiful!

Cathy L.

I love the sewing on your layout!


I love the sewing to make the leaves "blow" in the wind. Great idea!


BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love sewing on stuff too! Fall really is fabulous!!


This is a beautiful layout! Love all the sewn leaves...


i like the sewn leaves. i love sewing paper


Great job. Love the leaves and the sewing toghether. No need for journaling, the pictures say it all.

jen t

This is my favorite layout. Ever. The leaves are so cute and tiny, the stitching gives such a cozy feel, the contrast of your vivid (and amazing) photos against the softness of the text...LOVE!!!!!

Sandra M.

Cute layout Sharyn! Luv the leaves/stitching!


I can't believe you cut out all those leaves but the result is AMAZING. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah Kipling

What a beautiful project! I love the sewing! Awesome new stamps for fall!

jackie p

love the stitching!! thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Leong

woohoo!!! simply awesome!!!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Miriam Prantner

I really love this! What a great way to add texture to your pages, thanks for the great tutorial, wonderful layout!

Mendi M

Great layout! Love the sewing!

Mary in IL

how creative! I love it!


fall is my favorite season


You can tell without a doubt that FALL is the much loved season. This layout is amazingly fresh and fun.

Tiffany M

Those are great fall photos! Love how you sewed the leaves on the page! If I cut all those leaves out, I would make myself use them all too :)
Thanks for sharing!


WOW! So original. Love this look.

Kelli W

WOW was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this! Such a great idea and a beautiful outcome!


That... is cool!

Sheri E.

I sew on my layouts all the time, doesn't feel finished unless I do, but I haven't tried this idea. Will have to do that.


LOVE, love, love your fall pictures. I too cannot resist taking lots of 'fall' pictures. I think it is just ALL the warm colors and the cozy feeling.
AWESOME job on the stamping and stitching!!!

Julie Slaikjer

Those leaves are AMAZING! Great job, love the look of this layout, from the bookprint background to the stitching & blowing leaves, it looks comfy and warm...just the way I want to feel when I look out at the fall landscape!

Magdalena F

Your photos are amazing! And so is your layout!

Danielle Bresnak

I'm so terrified to try the sewing on paper but I just have to jump in and do it! Thanks for sharing!


what fun stitching!


What a great use of leaves.


Great lay out, the sewing just makes it all come together in such a fun and whimsical way.


beautiful layout1 love the sewing..


I can't believe my eyes! This layout is incredibly beautiful!!!!

Teresa Castaneda

Your layout is beautiful. I love the sewing, the leaves, and how you used the stamps.

Dee Cummins

Wow! The colors in your pictures are glorious! Thanks for the layout.

Queen Mary

Stunning. Excellent job with the sewing and falling leaves!

Laura T.

Love the stitching on your page - great job!


This is fantastic! Fall is my favorite season

Margareta Carlsson

Your work with those leaves is stunning!! *swoon* Now I just have to have that stamp!! :)

Cynthia Larson

Love how you sewed all the leaves and made it seem like the wind moving them. AWESOME!!!


Those leaves are amazing. I wouldn't have the patience! Great use of the stamps.

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