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September 17, 2012



Looks like a load of fun stuff packed into a quick weekend! Love all the photos - it's so nice to see who you saw and where you went.


Nope. Not too long. Thanks for all the photos.

jen t

i wonder what wonderful prize you will win with the chicago photo. LOVE.

i had a happy glowy feeling as i collapsed on my bed last night. sooooo glad you were here:)

Christine N

What a nice wedding. Looks like a fun family time too.


So glad you shared. And so glad that you got to go. Hard to pick a favorite here. I like Sarah with granddaughter and suvi with her mom for starters. Now to find someone that will share pics of the other wedding out there. Our JAEDON was the flower girl.

Deb Wisker

Not long enough! Love your adventures and stories! Fabulous photos, as always!
Put an ice pack on that right hand. It will help.


So nice to see you! Was wishing I would have taken you to FinnStyle on our way in. I've never been there, and I picture you enjoying that store. The girls look forward to seeing you again, and Sarah's appreciating generous people who sleep in her bed. :) Hope your finger is feeling better.

Jersey Girl Anne

I follow your blog daily as a scrapbooker and really enjoyed all the pictures of your trip. Your blog is great. I need to throw in my two cents about the picture of all the children singing. I like the picture in color better than turned to B and W because of all the blonde hair. You lose the whole feel of family when turned into B and W. You are a wonderful story teller and thats why I love your blog. Keep it up!!!

Amanda J.

What a wonderful trip! I love your pictures and your stories <3. I especially love the Chicago one. I saw you used it for your cover on Facebook!

Patti Isaacson

So fun to enjoy this trip through your story and pictures! I'm sad you were so close (relatively) to me and I didn't get to visit you. Some day...


Love the part of the cider mill done 'Kivisto' style - always good for some entertainment those Kivistos!
Also that photo of Chicago - awesome. I do not ever think I will grow un-amazed by the sights from an airplane - the reason I always choose to sit by a window.


Great pics Sharyn! It was great seeing you! You made an impression on Luke - on the way home, he told me that "You know that lady that was taking pictures of me and Keegan in the sandbox? I like her, she has a cool laugh. What's her name again? I made up a digging song, want to hear it?"


Thanks for sharing your pictures, Sharyn dear. Beautiful!

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