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March 10, 2013


Darla Maple

Cool page - love the orange and turquoise.

Ruth G

Thanks for sharing! These sentiments do seem to lend themselves to adding easily into the pocket format of Project Life. These are just great for all kinds of scrapbooking! Have a great day!

Dawn M

Great color combination on your page. Thanks for sharing!


sweet layout and the use of the stamps, lovely combination of colors congrats

Jeannie L

Great PL share! Love how you used the stamp set. Thanks for sharing.


Looks good!!!

Leslie S.

Love your layouts! I am really enjoying the PL way of scrapbooking and these stamps work so well with them.

Catherine A.

I am so happy I found your blog. Just love your PL pages- fun, fun pictures and great colors!

Catherine A.

Wanted to add... I hope Mark is feeling better. 104 temp - so frightening

Kathy P

Oh...my FAVE color combo, and love what you have done with your pages and these versatile stamps! Can't wait to get mine!

Tammy Davis

Love everything about your page!

Mary K Parker

I love your color choices...something I wouldn't have selected but they go so well together.


great Pl post

Sue D

Great journaling cards with these stamps.

Vanessa Babin

Love it! Nice layout

Carol E Brooker

Really great layout, thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for such a great bloghop. Love seeing all the ideas!


Love Love!!


Your color combination is over the top and it works!!! Hope everyone is well and rested in your home now.


Thanks for the inspiration I found on your blog today...I love ideas for Project Life!

stacie d

I love your use of orange and turquoise. Perfection!


Hope things are looking up for you. I've been lucky so far - no sickness. The Project Life is a good idea. I've not gotten into it yet but I think I'm going to start. I could scrapbook this way. All the fussy pages kind of turn me off and this clean look is great.


Love the stamps, you used them perfectly on your PL pages!

Scrappin Annie

Love how you have used these stamps. Aren't they just perfect for PL pages? Glad you are getting some rest

Linda Rae

Love your design work! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Martin del Campo

Love ypur game night picture!!!


Anything with orange sings to me, add the polka dots and I'm sold. Great layout!


love the color combination makes it pop thanks for sharing

Sue FitzGerald

Love the stamps with PL, gorgeous photos.

Margie Visnick

Love your colors, great page!


Hope everyone is feeling better! Love your journaling cards using Ali's stamps!

Miriam Prantner

Love this layout, I love that photo with the mustaches, looks like a great week was had by all!

Lisa W.

Loving the orange. Nice PL layouts, don't you love this PL stuff:)


Oh my gosh, these stamps are making me want to scrap RIGHT NOW!! Love your fresh looking page!

Sheri E.

These stamps are so perfect for PL. Love how you used them.

Sandy R. MN

Love the PL pages :)


Your project life pages are great! Thanks for sharing

lori IL

Love the photos and your color combinations! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

Marlena M

Your photos are so fun! I'm glad Mark is better~that's scary stuff!


Love how you have used the stamps in your PL! Thanks for the inspiration :)


The way you used the stamps, they look like stickers, very sweet.

Katie B.

Love your PL layouts. These stamps fit in so perfectly with the journaling cards. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Linda H

I like your layout and your photos. Thanks.

maria f.

I like how you subtly worked the stamped images into your overall PL layout.

Pam L

Very cute page!

Jenny Leonard

Love the Journaling cards. Hope everyone gets healthy and some sleep soon.


Love the stamps with PL, gorgeous photos.

Sabrina Radican

Great layout and I love the picture of the boys and their mustaches!


Love that you love to journal - isn`t that what it is all about? TFS!!!


looks like you have a very active house even when the power doesn't go out. I love your use of the stamps

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