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April 07, 2014


Jan Connair

Sharyn, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Another Torm baby in the world would have been a wonderful thing. {{{hugs}}}


A very big non-Finn hug from me, my friend and sister. Just wish I could give it in person.


Oh, Torm. I am so sorry.

Rene W

Hugs to you, Sharyn. Thanks for sharing your story. It's going to help others walking in your shoes.


I'm sorry for your loss Torm. You are a strong person to share your story with all of us.


I am so so sorry for your loss. I have two babies to meet in heaven, too. I will second wishing I could give you a hug.

Laura ODonnell

Aww sorry to hear this, Sharyn


Thanks for sharing, Sharyn. > to you!


Big hugs. Thinking of you. Thanks for sharing. You wrote it so accurately!


hugs, sharyn. and, yes, thank you for sharing. life is hard and attitude is everything. it seems important that we all see some of the struggles and the ability to make it through to the other side.

Kris Chirhart

So sorry for your loss, Sharyn. You are a fabulous mother, and I have no doubt that you would have adjusted to a new baby better than anyone! And those little guys of yours are so entertaining... it would have been fun to read about on your blog. But for some reason, it wasn't meant to be. I'm glad you are doing ok! (I totally would have freaked too!)


(((hugs))) Sharyn, you are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Mary R

hugs to you my sweet friend and so sorry for your loss!!

My sister had a very similar thing happen at 42 and she is now 28 weeks and the baby is fine even if she is high risk. Her 6 year old son was born with Downs, so of course that was a concern, but everything looks great and we can't wait to welcome little Owen in a few months. I often wondered how the heck she could do this at her age, and now I know, these things happen for a reason.

saying a little prayer tonight! xoxo


Oh man Torm. This really tore at my heart this morning. I've had a few "scares" where I thought I might be pregnant and my list was pretty much exactly the same as yours. Except I also worried how I would tell my graduated-from-high-school daughters. They would freak.

One of the reasons I've loved your blog all of these years is because of your moving-on mentality. You have such a great attitude and strength. It's inspiring really. Keep trudging!

callie hanson

Well Torm, I am glad your not pregnant. Babies are a real blessing but. Me being 51 I wouldn't want that for myself in a million years. Glad things are back to normal. Glad God chose for you not to be. I am sorry that you lost the baby. I can relate to all your emotions. But you are an inspiration to all of us! Hang in there. Your a real trooper and a wonderful mother, artist, blogger, wife and all them other things that make a Torm!


Oh, Sharyn. There are a million reasons I'm glad you're in the world, and this is one of them. You made me laugh + cry. Sending love to you, and a huge virtual hug (from this mushy Finn ;) if you want one.

Linda J

Sorry for your loss Sharyn. (Hugs) and prayers.


I'm sorry for your loss, Sharyn. Never in a million years would I have handled the situation with an ounce of the grace you have.

Elsa Grewn

So sorry for your loss. I thought I was of in Feb as I was quite late and getting that negative test result was a bummer. I found out days later that Tina is due the exact day that I would have been if I had been pg. how bizarre is that. Sending hugs your way.


Oh I can only imagine what you've been through Sharyn. I've already done the menopause thing and I think the pregnancy thing is easier... just saying... but good for you on moving forward and training for the 5K you are quite admirable! :)

Kathy M

{{hugs}} and sorrow for your loss, Torm. The roller coaster ride of emotions has to make the whole process overwhelming. I so admire your strength.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your baby.. I had similar feelings as you, when I realized I was pregnant at about your same age. (I'm almost 49 now) Once you get past all the , as my sister in law said, "SHUT UP!", with much shock in her voice when I told her...(I was a little miffed, as I thought that I wasn't really THAT old....Anyway..God has a plan, and our babies were not meant to be here with us...hugs from a very, very Mushy Finn! (Must be the little bit of swede in me...)

Tracey P

So sorry for your loss, Sharyn. Thank you, as always, for sharing your stories. Hugs!!


I am so very sorry. It is such a hard loss, even if people would think you are the grandma.


So many experiences remind us of just how imperfect our own reasonings are. Bringing us back to the comfort that we can/should trust in HIM in all things.

Laura K

I love how,you wrote this. Honest racing thoughts just in the first 5 min! :) Barb summed it up perfectly. Take Care!


Sorry for your loss, Sharyn. and I love how you wrote about those first 5 minutes, it's amazing how much you can think in 5 minutes!

Kim M.

I'm sorry for your loss, Sharyn.


Aww, I'm so sorry to read this news, Sharyn. Such mixed emotions I'm sure. Prayers for continued healing.

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