you, my dear, are such a lovely soul. i'm sure that those searching for answers and panicing in the midst of their own child experiencing this---they will surely get a blessing from this consolidation.


Sharyn, I have been meaning to write you a note all week. Like you, my regular blog was a bit about this 'n that before our son broke his leg.

That pretty much took over my life during that time though, so all my posts ended up being about the same thing.

Finally, the day his cast was coming off and I was taking pictures (I'm a Canon girl...just for the fun of it though...XSi most recently) and happened to mention to the doctor about my blog.

One thing led to another, and like you, I realized I had a gazillion hits to my blog searching on info about spica casts. I did do a page to summarize the posts in one place. Then I did one other thing.

I set up a separate blog (a free one at WordPress) for all the posts. That's the one I have referenced above - .

That really made it easy for people to find the posts specific to what they were looking for. It's really nothing more than a copy/paste from my regular blog, but it has a definite start and finish to it and it pretty specific to either the broken leg/spica cast, or how it impacted our lives as a family during that time.


We would like to introduce to you the CastCooler, our new, patented orthopedic product technology which promises to substantially improve the spica cast wearing experience. The CastCooler is used by mom or dad at home to remove moisture from the cast lining without touching the patient. The CastCooler provides much need relief from odor, itch and heat by immediately freshening the cast, providing instant relief. This is especially welcome for spica cast patients. Here's one dad's report:

I recently purchased your Cast Cooler for my 3 year old son Jack, who is in a Spica cast. I am here to tell you that your product absolutely works and has made a very difficult situation much more manageable. I have attached a couple of photos of Jack using his beloved Cast Cooler and his 2 "assistants" (twin sister and older sister) helping him. Jack still has a long road ahead of him until he gets his cast off, but with the benefits of the Cast Cooler, the next 3 weeks will be a snap!

In fact, this father also reports that he has used the CastCooler to remove urine from the cast lining and to immediately dry the lining from accidental wetting.

Please feel free to provide your patients the link to our website www.castcooler.

Rick Dunagan-Owner


after the removal of the cast did your son have 1 leg longer than othe other? My son just got his cast off MOnday and his leg is VERY noticiably longer than the other. I am scared.

Luann E.

Thank you so much for posting these. I can't tell you what a relief it's been to read about your ordeal. Our 3-yr old son was in an accident at his daycare center in May 2010, broke his left femur when another child fell on him, and has been in a spica cast for (almost) 5 weeks. We're due for cast removal in two days and, despite countless internet searches, this is the first time I've stumbled on the little gem you have left for us here. I no longer feel like our situation is unique because our son had horrible nightmares. I no longer feel like a bad mother because, despite a box of baking soda, a hair dryer, and frequent sponge baths, my blonde-headed little man is the cruddiest kid on the block right now. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us no longer feel alone.

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